Please don’t make me feel stupid six ways.

I love to be productive and I mostly love to learn new things.  But I don’t like for the learning curve to be so challenging that I feel stupid.  I don’t like feeling stupid.  My younger brother and I were often partners in games of Trivial Pursuit, when it was all the rage, and I remember him saying to me – “I can’t believe I spent $50 to feel this stupid.” That, in a nutshell, is how I feel about trying to use some online programs.  Granted, in most cases, I’m not paying for them, but even still, please don’t make me feel stupid, even for free.

From the Links List page of this blog, I have pulled out what I term the productivity tools.  I’m going to try to present them in a manageable format and hopefully, you can just use what you need, and not bother with the rest.  The cool thing about all of the online tools is that it is like a brain-matching game.  Finding someone who has a brain that matches mine is my goal (except their brain has the patience, intelligence, education, motivation, desire, and skill to build an on-line tool).  Let the brain-matching begin.

I have divided these productivity tools into three sections.  The first I will call Strategies for Getting Organized & Beyond. The second will be Paper Clip Sites – These are sites that do one thing really well as does a paper clip. And the third is called Scary Excellent – Sites that have Great Reputations but Scare Me.  The second and third sections will follow in blog posts over the next few days. On to section one:

Productivity Tools

Strategies for Getting Organized & Beyond discover the best of the web in less time
I checked books as my interest and did stumble upon a lot of cool sites but for the most part, I became irritated about not having any control over what come up though this could be a great site for finding content you might never see otherwise, like a phone booth that was turned into a lending library.  It feels more like a time waster than a time saver. the better way to share across Twitter, Facebook, Email and More
I find this site somewhat overwhelming but also appealing.  I will go back and take another look at it as it looks like something that would be worth the one-time investment to get it set up…Looks like a timesaver to me. a free personal organizer and online notebook
It appeals to me.  I don’t have an account yet but Gary Vaynerchuk  likes it and I like Gary’s brain so it might be a match.  It is one I will go back and spend more time with but I also have to say I am really digging my Google Calendar and it has helped me get more organized. (It reminded me I needed to get this blog post up tomorrow so I went ahead and started the draft tonight.  I’m shooting for one post a week.) Remember everything.
Okay, I dig this.  I love the clipping notion.  Again, I will need to set up an account and get back to you but I will visit this again. online to-do list and task manager
It looks like it will do everything one would need as a task management tool but it seems a little too advanced for me.  I can’t really explain why it makes me feel that way but I’d probably visit the seemingly easier options. test your getting things done IQ
I am a huge David Allen fan and relate to his brain and love his strategies.

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