What office supply product are you?

My son’s first tattoo was of a paper clip.  Now, we are a family that loves us some office supplies.  My husband’s family actually ran an office supply store for several generations in Spartanburg, SC, and we do love some stapling, scissoring, and securing with glue stick, rubber cement, and two-sided tape.  But I still had to ask – “Why a paper clip? Imagining him with headphones tattooed over his knee.”  He answered, “A paperclip does one thing really well, and I’m like that.”

Productivity Tools, Part II

Paper Clip Sites – These are sites that do one thing really well as does a paper clip

http://www.pitchengine.com/ social media pr press release builder
This site is free and distributes press releases to both traditional and social media outlets. I love the idea of this site and have already set up an account for SIBA but have not gotten much farther than that.  And I cannot even remember what the obstacle is but that there is one.  This is one I will have to visit again and see how stupid I feel to determine if I can go forward or not.

http://www.surveymonkey.com/ the simple way to create surveys
The basic plan is free and this is a quick, effective way to create surveys that you can place in email newsletters, or distro to your staff for feedback on ideas.  It is a friendly piece of software, one that matches my brain.

http://merchants.ebillme.com/ secure cash payments
Gary Vee connected with this site and it looks like an easy solution for taking secure payment on-line for any e-commerce site.  Security is an imperative for collecting credit card info via the internet and this site seems to understand consumer concerns.

http://www.slideshare.net/ present  yourself
This site lets you share with others,  You can share with everyone or a select group.  You can share word docs, powerpoints, or pdfs.  This is an elegant solution to sharing across the internet.

http://picasa.google.com/ free photo editing from google
This is free photo editing software.  I am not much with images but I’m hoping to get better, and my experience with google products has been good.  I love my google calendar.  I read somewhere that young people who attend conferences have an expectation that photos from the conference will be posted withing 48 hours.  It’s a goal.

http://www.wikispaces.com/ wikis for everyone
Okay, I’m not sure if I’ve tried this site or not.  I thought I had but now that I just visited it, I can’t say for sure.  So this is one I’m headed back to.  I have tried to contribute to wikipedia with no luck and I think I’m confusing the two.  This site should streamline your wiki efforts.  I’ll let you know.

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