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Get in Bed With a Book Blogger #1

Get in Bed 2010 Blog ProjectBooksellers are first entrepreneurs.  They are spirited and passionate for books and their businesses in a way that many cannot imagine.  These are people who want to build a business that serves their community, protects the First Amendment, and provides a cross-section of choices for consumers.  And they want to be able to make a living, support their families, and provide for their employees.  This is no small feat any time.

And especially now, booksellers are trying to do everything they have always done, and add a whole slew of new things to their day.  Blog, Tweet, Post, Website, E-Commerce, Events, Newsletters, on, and on, and on and on.  So SIBA wants to help you break it down.  Let’s just do one thing a week.  This week, I want you to learn about blogging, what it is, what it can do, and how you might not need to do it at all.  You might only need to find someone who is already book blogging who can see that your established name in the industry, bevy of contacts, extensive expertise, and unparalleled passion is all they need from you to support you and your store’s efforts.

Take a stroll around The Book Lady’s Blog:  Literary Adventures of a Panty-Throwing, Book-Loving Wild Woman.  This is the blogger that has partnered with The Fountain Bookstore.  Everybody wins.  Fountain Bookstore promotes The Book Lady’s Blog at the store website.  Kelly shares ARCs & Galleys with Rebecca.  Rebecca has introduced some of her favorite authors at Fountain Bookstore’s events, and Kelly and Rebecca went to BEA together where Rebecca garnered favor with Kelly’s contacts, and vice versa.  Kelly has enjoyed sales via Rebecca’s blog, Rebecca has garnered advertising for her blog, and both have gained some recognition in the industry as players.

1. Watch this video, Blogs in Plain English (this will help you understand just how blogs came to be and their value)
2. Read a book blog or two ( , if you don’t already (learn who these fine folks are and that they love books just as much as you do)

That’s it.  Stop.  Go shelve or something.  More next week.

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