Not Quite 20 Questions with Laura Hope-Gill

Laura Hope-Gill, The Soul Tree, SIBA non fiction finalist is the first poet laureate, ever, of the Blue Ridge Parkway for the poems she wrote for The Soul Tree: Poems and Photographs of the Southern Appalachians.

Favorite book as a child?  The A.A. Milne Winnie-the-Pooh series.

What are you reading right now?  World without End by Ken Follett

Why independent bookstores matter?  Free thought requires access to small presses. Samizdat.

Favorite part of writing a book?  The feeling of the Spirit of the thing helping me.

Least favorite part of writing a book?  No least favorite part. It’s a dream come true.

Are you working on anything new?  I’d like to write a book of poems about great architects.

Do you have any superstitions, lucky charms, or rituals around your writing?  I am a monk. I’ve given my life to it.

Comment on the writing life… Everything feeds writing. Writing feeds everything.

Hardest part of the creation to publication experience?  Getting the words right–then getting them better.

Why do you write? Because the world is made of words.

When do you write?  Every free second.

When did you know you were a writer?  When I learned about wishes.

What, or Who, would you dish on, as in gossip about?  Dead architects. Sorry. That’s where I am in my life.

What would make you a scintillating dinner guest?  Stories upon stories. I’m partially deaf so I talk a lot.

Who is your favorite new author?  My old favorite: Alice Munro.

What is your drink of choice?  Depends on the company!

What is your favorite food?  Too embarrassed to say.

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