Not Quite 20 Questions with Maggie Stiefvater

Maggie Stiefvater, Shiver, SIBA YA Finalist writes books. Some about werewolves. Some about faeries. Some are bestsellers. She sometimes eats cookie dough at inappropriate times

Favorite book as a child?  All books were my favorites as children. I was woefully indiscriminate. When you’re a kid, there are no good or bad books, just books.

What are you reading right now?  Michael Scott. I’m clapping my hands in mythological fan girl glee every time a mythical hero or goddess from my childhood pops up.

Share a favorite segment from your book…  …he found me sitting in the middle of a sea of splintered wood & snapped strings, like a boat carrying music had crashed on a rocky shore.

Why that title? Why SHIVER? Because ‘People Having Identity Crises And Kissing’ didn’t fit on the cover as well.

Why independent bookstores matter?  Because when I walk into the store & shout GIVE ME SOMETHING NEW TO READ I want to be helped, not escorted from the premises.

Favorite part of writing a book? Killing characters. Or making them kiss. Or punching scenes. Basically, nothing has changed from my days of “Let’s Pretend.”

Least favorite part of writing a book?  The parts in between killing characters, kissing scenes, and punching. Also, copy-edits. Copy edits are designed to break writers’ minds.

Are you working on anything new?  Indeed. A YA paranormal standalone about beaches, kissing, and blood.

Do you have any superstitions, lucky charms, or rituals around your writing?  I need caffeine and cookie dough. Also, music. As long as I have those three items without break, I’m good.

Comment on the writing life…  Twelve months of insomnia and hearing voices, interrupted by brief periods of lucidity and royalty checks.

Hardest part of the creation to publication experience?  Staying objective and patient. Learning my craft. I never found the publishing process hard – it was getting good enough to be published.

Why do you write?  Because I love stories about people changing & other places & sometimes I can’t find the stories I want to read already on the shelf.

When do you write?  When my editor tells me to. Also, when the voices inside my head tell me to. I’m pretty flexible.

When did you know you were a writer?  I believe I was writing stories on my mother’s uterine walls. Sorry, Mom.

What, or Who, will you dish on, as in gossip about?  Come now. As someone who makes up stuff for a living, I try to stick to the truth during social events.

What would make you a scintillating dinner guest?  I will order everything on the menu, set fire to the table, & then get us thrown out. Actually, no, those were the old days.

Who is your favorite new author?  Me. I’m quite good-looking, especially on the left side. Also, Leif Enger. I don’t know if he’s hot, but he sure can write.

What is your drink of choice?  Sugar, with a little tea and milk in it.

What is your favorite food?  Anything without preservatives. I’m allergic. I prefer round foods, but I’m negotiable.

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