Leslie McGuirk Shares her #SIBA12 Experience

Being on the panel at the SIBA trade show in Naples, FL gave me a rare perspective on the inner workings of other authors and illustrator of children’s books.  Those of us in the profession rarely meet each other since our work involves a lot of isolated time in our studios. We got to share our delights and joys  and ups and downs of our magical profession with an audience of our biggest appreciators, independent bookstore owners.  It is rare to have an open dialogue with people who know and believe in the work we do.  For sure we should have more exchanges like this in the future.  I believe creative people have a lot to share.  We are by nature isolated storytellers. I think anyone who owns a bookstore is a lover of tales . Perhaps meeting more of us in the creative trenches would add new ways to get buyers excited by books.  After the panel discussion, I was truly touched by how many buyers came to my book signing and wanted to know more about my new book, The Moogees Move House. I think SIBA people are passionate about creativity and books and I was deeply appreciative of their enthusiasm.

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