A. G. S. Johnson Shares #SIBA12 Experience

Yes there really is something called ‘southern’ hospitality

Their reputation had preceded them. I’d heard the (SIBA) Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance put on the best conference in the country. Now I have not attended many of the others but I came away from Naples, Florida feeling so welcomed by the group that gathered there for their annual get together. I met so many nice people, all of whom expressed a genuine interest in my novel, despite the snowy cover that does not speak of the South, and the chilly story of The Sausage Maker’s Daughters within. Was it that they accepted me as a southerner myself, albeit one from Southern California whose story takes place in Southern Wisconsin?

No I think it is just their way: graciousness, openness, and sincerity in action. Kudos to the entire organization!

I’m hoping my dubious southern roots will enable me to return, and that SIBA will eventually adopt me as one of theirs.

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