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Welcome, yall!

Hello, SIBA Booksellers –

It’s great to meet you via Wanda’s blog! I’m delighted to introduce myself to you as the new sales rep for Tristan Publishing for the Carolinas*, specifically Piedmont and eastern NC and all of South Carolina. In the near future, I’ll be adding some other publishers, covering them in all of NC and SC and possibly other states. Updates to come! [* Please note: Another new Tristan Publishing sales rep soon will be covering the western part of North Carolina, plus Tennessee, and northern Georgia. Until she gets started later this summer, please feel free to contact me if you’re a bookseller in western NC -- or anywhere else in the SIBA region. I’ll be happy to help you and connect you directly with the publisher.]

For the past 23 years, I was the Executive Director of the Midwest Booksellers Association (thus Wanda’s colleague) and was based in Minneapolis, MN. My book industry experience goes back to 1975, however, and includes marketing, publicity, advertising, and promotion positions with Dell Publishing Co, Simon & Schuster, and B. Dalton Bookseller (on both the store and national level), as well as my own author media escort business in the Twin Cities.  I’ve recently moved back home to North Carolina from Minnesota, and I’ve brought some of the best from the Upper Midwest with me — Tristan Publishing’s books.

Tristan Publishing is the publisher of perennial bestsellers such as THE NEXT PLACE (over 550,000 copies sold) by Warren Hanson, A CUP OF CHRISTMAS TEA (1.7 million copies sold) and the PEEF picture books for children by Tom Hegg & Warren Hanson, and I AM AMAZED and other titles by Jodi Hills. I expect you know these popular inspirational books, and I hope you sell them in your stores already.

You may not be familiar, however, with the rest of Tristan Publishing’s highly gift-able titles for both adults and children – all books with a message from the heart. Take a look at this video in which publishers Brett and Sheila Waldman – two of the nicest people you’ll ever know! — share their vision and enthusiasm with you.

Tristan’s illustrated books are eye-catching, beautifully designed and produced, and truly well priced at under $20, most in the $9.95 to $16.95 range. Many are strongly appealing and inspiring to women, others offer comfort and reassurance to all adults and children in every stage of life.  All these books make excellent gift suggestions you can hand sell to your customers with confidence.

One of the newest Tristan titles, and she sparkled by Joan Steffend, is a terrific gift book for women of all ages to give to other women and to themselves – just the type of book that women will buy in multiple copies. (I’ve seen them do it!)  Author Joan Steffend explains her book eloquently in her video, too.

Other popular titles that are selling steadily include Warren Hanson’s latest, TODAY’S SPECIAL…YES IT IS; the yoga-inspired FRIENDSHIP: THE ART OF THE PRACTICE; Jodi Hills’ FRIEND.; and the picture book that inspires kids to embrace change, THE LEAF THAT WOULDN’T LEAVE.

The very best way to appreciate Tristan Publishing’s books is to see them, of course. I have copies of all titles, which I’d love to show booksellers in person. Over the coming weeks, I’m contacting bookstores in the Carolinas and scheduling appointments, and I’ll travel to any and all stores in my NC and SC territory.

I’m also happy to schedule phone appointments and send catalogs and sample copies of books to interested booksellers around the SIBA region, or put you in touch with the publisher directly. I plan to exhibit for Tristan Publishing at the SIBA Trade Show, too, and I look forward to seeing many of you there.

FYI — Tristan Publishing books are very easy to purchase, either direct from the publisher through me, or from Ingram and B&T. Please contact me for more info.

Many thanks for reading this blog!

Susan Walker & Associates
Independent Marketing, Sales & Promotion Consultants

Susan E. Walker
Cell Phone 612-382-5868
1022 South Street
, NC 28031
Phone/Fax  704-439-4596
(call first to set up fax)








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#SIBA10 Delivered at Every Level

It has been a month since SIBA and we have been very busy.
First of all let me say I have been attending SIBA over 20 years.
As owner & bookseller at  B&L Books over 23 years, I also attend
SIBA as an exhibitor of our inventory control software program,
The UBIC System.  SIBA 2010 was one of the best for both.
As a bookseller, I learned a lot about social networking, blogging,
and e-commerce.  I also got some insight into hosting events in the
store and how to tie all this together.

The trade show offered some great opportunities for us to learn
more about children's and young adult books and incentive discounts
especially from Penguin.  Their rep was on top of everything.  At
HarperCollins we grabbed onto the idea to have a story time ticket
event for Scaredy-cat Splat, which we incorporated into our Customer
Appreciation Day last Saturday.  We provided cat-ear headbands and
face painting along with a goody bag, activities, and story reading
all for the price of the book.  The kids loved it and we had a good
time doing it.  Later that same afternoon we had Roxanne St. Claire
in for an author signing.

As an exhibitor at SIBA 2010, we were very pleased with the traffic
and the opportunity to spend time with interested parties.  I am glad
to see ABA offering a new membership for bookstores whose inventory
is 75% used.  There are many independents who sell both new and used
books and we are hoping to see some seminars for independents like us
in the near future.

Thank you Wanda and Nicki  and Matt for all you do to make
SIBA so great.

Jan Packwood
B&L Books
990 N. State Road 434 #1140
Altamonte Springs, FL  32714
407 682-0090

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