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Get a Twitter Account Right Now!

Get in Bed With a Book Blogger #2

Twitter!  What is it good for?

What good is Twitter?

I know how you feel about this.  If you don’t have Twitter, or don’t use Twitter, or think Twitter is silly, or useless, please reconsider your decision not to participate.  I rebuffed Twitter for a long time, didn’t get it, why only 140 characters, why would anyone care what I had for breakfast, or that I have a beautiful colon as declared by my doctor yesterday!  What good is it?  Who would I follow?  Who would follow me?  What does that even mean; followers!?!?

But I caved in and got a Twitter account to promote SIBA’s Free Book Stimulus Plan, and was amazed!  Twitter is best when you want to know what your customers are saying about, and when you want your customers to know what you are marketing to them.  Twitter is also best when trying to do anything else.  And that is because it is a totally open platform much like the IPhone in that many apps have been written for Twitter so I need you to get a Twitter account today.  It is FREE and it is POWERFUL!

Let me share a tale with you…I spent a Sunday morning trying to resolved an issue with my credit card company.  I was angry after three hours with no result, and in a fit of frustration I tweeted the following:

3 hours, 6 phone numbers, 10 people!  It seems that the managers at Company X are not allowed to speak to customers!

I even shared (in a screaming sound) with my husband that if Company X was smart, they’d have a Twitter account, but I was sure they did not!  Imagine my surprise when I was tweeted back by Company X and they were able to resolve my issue in minutes.  I then tweeted my gratitude and their competence.  Company X could be Bookstore X, and Bookstore X could be YOU!  Trust me here, and get your Twitter account today.  I know you are asking – How does this help me get in bed with a book blogger?, and we will get to that, but for now:


1. Read Twitter 101 for Businesses.
2. Sign up for your Twitter Account.

That’s it.  Stop.  Go shelve something.
More next week unless you’d like to do this *****BONUS ACTIVITY*****

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