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Reader is Queen!

Get in Bed with a Book Seller #1

Book Bloggers are Queens

Book Bloggers are Queen Readers

Why do book bloggers blog?  Well, I hope they will let me know, but here is what I think:  Book bloggers love books, love sharing about what they have read, and want to connect with other book lovers.  Most book bloggers are something else as well, either full-time moms, librarians, booksellers, writers, students.  But they are all readers and the reader is king in my business.  (which led to my title, which led to my changing king to queen, which led to my putting this APB out for male book bloggers – please let me hear from you! )

Those of us in this industry of selling stories on street corners yearn to hear directly from “the reader”.  Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, The Passage, The Stand, Stephanie Meyer, Sense & Sensibilities, James Patterson, James and the Giant Peach; oh, if you could only hear the conversations that go ’round and ’round about how to create buzz for a book, what causes a book to intersect with readers, what makes a book “fresh” or “a book club read”.  And the book blogger is the new reader, and SIBA wants to find you and nurture you and bring you inside the circle.  Partnering with an indie bookstore is your ticket to becoming an industry insider.  We welcome you.  It’s crazy in here but it is also where the stories are.


1. Watch this video, Independent America: The Two-Lane Search for Mom & Pop (this will help you understand just what bookstores are facing and their value)
2. Find an independent bookstore near you ( OR , if you haven’t already (learn who these fine folks are and that they love books just as much as you do)

That’s it.  Stop.  Go post something.  More next week.

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