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Core Member Survey Results in Questions – What Booksellers Want!

Core Member Survey Results in Questions – What Booksellers Want!

When booksellers join SIBA, many of them, gratefully, answer the survey questions on the back of the paper dues invoice.  The first question asks: What skills or knowledge is most needed among you and your staff?

And below is a list of resources that will hopefully assist you in many of the areas mentioned in this open-ended question.  Enjoy and let me hear from you if you use a resource I have not mentioned here, and I will add it to the list.  If enough people find this useful, I will make it a regularly updated page here on the website like Gifts Galore for Bookstores.  Happy selling!

For ABA members, I found a ton of great resources on a variety of topics.

Online Websites -

Website as Online Business Partner

Pre-Release Titles Information –
Indie Next Lists
Shelf Awareness Drop-In Titles

SIBA Listserve

Publisher Reps & Commission Reps
Publisher Catalogs
Wholesaler Catalogs
Publishers Weekly Book Reviews
BookPage Book Reviews
USA Today Books
The Guardian
The New York Times
Bookwire New Releases
Southern Indie Bestseller List

New Local Interest Books – Try searching your local library for books of local interest.

Online Book Search Skills – Google it.  Type in what you know at Google.  Get results!

Marketing Ideas; Merchandising Tips; Display Ideas; Cheap, Effective Marketing
Good & Great Ideas

Paz Book Biz
Wireless White Paper
Envirosell – signage/fixtures
Envirosell – Case Studies
Envirosell – Retail
Envirosell – Behind the Counter
Seth Godin’s Free Stuff

Computer Skills; Technology Education -

Author Information -

Co-op Development -ABA’s ABACUS study shows that profitable booksellers spend much less on advertising than unprofitable booksellers. This does not necessarily mean profitable bookstores advertise less, but it does mean that they claim more co-op.
2011 Co-op At A Glance

Online Advertising Tips; Social Networking Translating into Sales; How to Turn Facebook Fans into Cash
Facebook Fan?
Tips & Tool for Website Promotion
Examples of Online to Offline Campaigns
Selling Thru Facebook
Facebook Case Studies
Killer Facebook Fan Pages
Growing Fans
Guide to Facebook Ads
Twitter for Business
Twitter Case Studies
Not a big brand Twitter Case Study
25 Twitter Case Studies

Handselling Tips; Selling E-books
Handselling Tips
The Art of Handselling
Getting to YES

Advance Book Trend Information
Alltop – Top Book News
Small Business Trends

Accounting Strategies:
Strategy & Management Accounting
Small Business Administration

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